The Paolina Paulon Language Centre and its team will take care of welcoming students. We will offer various services to help students settle down in the best possible way in the city of Vicenza and Venice Mestre and to prepare any necessary documentation for their stay in Italy. Our Tutors will follow, with constancy and competence, every student and are available and ready to provide any information needed.

Upon students’ request, the Language Centre can offer any of services available:



The school provides Chinese-speaking tutors who will help and assist students throughout their study experience at our Language Centre. Through Wechat, students and tutors can always be in contact.



Students will be greeted by our tutors upon their arrival at Venice Marco Polo airport and will be transferred to their apartments.



The Paolina Paulon Language Centre helps students to find accommodation in private apartments shared with other Chinese students from the Language Centre (upon request from the student). In Vicenza and in Mestre, the apartments are located within walking distance or by public transport from the Language Centre and have double or single rooms depending on the needs and requests of each student and the availability of the apartments.

Our tutors, together with the owners of the apartments, are responsible for explaining the rules and the contract of each apartment and are available to answer any doubts or requests.

In order to take advantage of this service, we kindly ask students to inform us of their room (single or double) and tenants preferences by September 15th.
The Language Centre will do its best to satisfy everyone’s requests.
The allocation of the available rooms will follow the order of the preferences received.
Once the single rooms have all been assigned (limited number), only double rooms will be assigned.
The apartment rules will be sent to the students. The rules must be followed and respected.
Here are some indicative costs of a bedroom in Vicenza and Venice Mestre (in shared apartments):
• Single room: € 300 – € 400 + expenses per month
• Double room: € 230 – € 280 + expenses per month / person


>> Italian SIM CARD it is required to apply for a residence permit and to be able to communicate via telephone in case of need

FISCAL CODE it is a necessary document to identify a citizen

NON-RESIDENT BANK PREPAID CARD with this card students will have a convenient, simple and free way of making and receiving wire transfers within the European territory

Italian HEALTH INSURANCE it is necessary to apply for a residence permit

>> RESIDENCY PERMIT As non-European citizens, students who stay in Italy for more than 3 months must apply for a residence permit. Thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Post Office and the Vicenza and Venice Police Headquarters, the tutors of the Paolina Paulon Language Centre will help each student to prepare all the necessary documents for a residence permit.



Our tutors will help students enrol in the entrance exams to the various Academies, Conservatories and Universities. The tutors will provide all the information needed to enrol. They will also help students to prepare all the necessary documentation in order to send the request.