We welcome you in a city full of in art, beauty and culture.

Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994, Vicenza is decorated with majestic architecture of the famous Andrea Palladio.
The architectural genius of Palladio has left the most evident mark of his art in this very city, which we can now admire in buildings of unique elegance.
Amongst all of his work, two have to be mentioned: the Basilica Palladiana, where you can admire an exiting view of the three squares below from its upper floor, and the splendid Loggia del Capitanio.
The architectural works make Vicenza a worldwide known city, which attracts thousands of tourists and art lovers every year.
Of particular value is the architectural work of the Olympic Theatre, the very first covered theatre in history. The stage of this little gem was crossed by the greatest musicians and opera singers in the entire world.

The historic centre is animated by clubs and a lively cultural activity, including museums, exhibitions, concerts of Classical, Jazz and Pop music.
For about twenty years now, Vicenza has hosted a branch of the University of Padua for some important faculties. The new university complex has brought many students from all over the world, speeding up the internationalization process that Vicenza has been experiencing in recent years.

Located at the foot of the beautiful Berici Hills, Vicenza has a wonderful hill, which is just a 10-minute walk from the historic centre, with endless walking paths and bicycle routes.
For all traditional sports activities there are gyms, swimming pools and spaces to exercise.
Half an hour away, there is fabulous mountain plateau, while about an hour away the famous Dolomites begin to rise. The most beautiful mountains in the world, the scene of all winter sports, first of all alpine skiing.
One hour away there is also the Adriatic Sea, with tourist resorts such as Jesolo, Lignano and Bibione, with their sandy beaches ideal to relax or have some fun; while from Venice you can quickly reach the Lido, which is a summer holiday destination of many VIPs worldwide.

Vicenza is a people-oriented city.


The cost of living is not as high as in the nearby cities of Verona, Padua and Venice.
The crime level of the city is at its lowest in the whole Italy, we can say that our students live in a safe city.
Vicenza is very suitable for those type of students, from different cultures, who need a period of acclimatization in a quiet and safe environment.

Its location and position allows you to quickly reach the largest cities: in half an hour you can reach Verona or Venice, in an hour and a half Milan or Bologna, in two hours Florence and in 3 hours you can reach Rome.
Three airports are located less than an hour away, well served by public transport and shuttles.